Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer Review

I’m not sure how Tatcha convinced everyone (including me) to shell out over $50 for a primer that you have to scoop out of a tin, yet here we are. It claims to brighten, smooth, and even out your complexion, provide a protective barrier between skin and makeup, and prolong the longevity of makeup. Throw in a gorgeous purple saucer and the words velvety smooth balm,” and you’ve got yourself a very desirable product!

Tatcha Silk Canvas

Is there actual silk in here?

The key ingredients actually include silk: fibroin, sericin, and silk powder. Silk has a few practical benefits that actually improves it as a primer. It’s a slip agent that helps products spread and is also an absorbent.

In addition to silk, the ingredients include Hadasei-3,” a Tatcha branding word for their three ingredient complex of green tea, rice, and algae. Green tea is an antioxidant, rice is nourishing, and algae helps with skin hydration. The complex is fermented, which supposedly helps break down the plant proteins for better delivery into skin.

The last few ingredients I want to point out are the emollients. Squalane, dimethicone, and silicone give the primer its velvety texture, though only squalane has skin benefits.

How is it as a primer?

I use the purple scoop to knick about a pea-sized amount, then massage it into my face with my fingers. The heat from my fingers helps spread the primer out.

This primer does look brightening due to its pearlescent sheen. Its ability to brighten while de-slicking oil on the face is my favorite thing about it. While every beauty YouTuber talked about how it minimized pores, I didn’t notice that myself. My makeup does stay put from morning to night, like there’s a canvas for my painted foundation to hold on to.


The full-size (20g) is available for $52 at Sephora and Tatcha. If you don’t want to commit, there’s a smaller size (7g) available for $20. I think the mini-size will still last at least 2 months. I’ve been using my primer almost daily for that long and have not even gotten through half the tin.


This is my favorite primer; It brightens my face and brings me joy. The only thing that gives me pause is the price. At $52 without a sale, I didn’t find this to be an irreplaceable part of my routine. Using this made me feel like there’s diminishing returns on splurging on any primer. When I use this up, I’ll probably switch back to my Aritaum primer and invest the money in Tatcha’s Brightening-C Mask instead.

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