Vitamin C Moisturizer Comparison: Ole Henriksen vs. Lumene

Today, I would like to compare two moisturizers that claim to even out your skin tone and help with overall glow based on their vitamin C content: The Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme and the Lumene Valo Light Glow Reveal Moisturizer. Ole Henriksen was founded by a Danish celebrity skincare guru and is now part of the LVMH family of brands (which includes Sephora), whereas Lumene is a Finnish skincare brand available at Target and CVS. So this is also a Scandinavian skincare smackdown!

Why I love Vitamin C

For those who follow me on Instagram, you know that vitamin C is one my favorite skincare ingredients. It reduces photosensitivity, preventing signs of aging caused by sun exposure, and targets one of my main skin concerns: hyperpigmentation (PubMed ID: 23741676). I always use a 15%+ vitamin C serum stabilized by ferulic acid (PubMed ID: 28805671) as my main source, but I think that having some ascorbic acid in my other parts of the skincare routine can’t hurt.

Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme vs. Lumene Valo Light Glow Reveal Moisturizer

What ingredients do they share?

Both moisturizers contain ascorbic acid, vitamin C in its gold-standard form. They both also include sea buckthorn extract (nourisher), hyaluronic acid (humectant moisturizer), citric acid (pH balancing), jojoba (emollient moisturizer), and fragrance. Did I mention fragrance? Ole’s smells like a delicious orange creamsicle, while Lumene’s has a bold berry scent. I am picky with my scents, but I love both of these. However, if you don’t like fragrance, neither moisturizer will be for you, since these smell very strong.

Which has more vitamin C?

Vitamin C appears higher in Ole’s ingredient list, which means there is more of it; There are also 3 different types of it in the creme (Ascorbic Acid, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate). However, whether either moisturizer contains a significant enough % of it to make a biological difference is unclear.

I still use a vitamin C serum separately for this reason. Unlike the C-Rush cream, Glow Reveal contains Niacinamide too, which I love for evening out my skin tone.


Both have a creamy texture that sinks in fast. I think that Lumene’s is more versatile and would work for all skin types, because people with oilier skin should be careful with Ole’s. The C-Rush Creme leaves a dewy finish that could slip into greaseball territory.


Both feel equally hydrating (that is, moderately hydrating) and layer well under makeup. They haven’t made a significant difference with my dark spots.


They’re both great products that I love using and are similar enough in terms of ingredients and results. What puts Lumene’s version ahead is value: Their moisturizer has a more accessible price point of $25 USD at places that have frequent sales (Ulta, CVS, Target) whereas Ole’s is $44 USD at Sephora. I would splurge on the C-Rush if you want a better multitasker, as it has more vitamin C and can also act as a dewy finisher, but Lumene comes out ahead as a daily moisturizer if you’re just looking for a slight vitamin C boost.

I received these products free to test.

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