MYK Silk Beauty Eye Mask and Pillowcase Review

Silk sleeping masks, pillowcases, and bedding are all the rage these days. The brands pushing these products claim that they cut down on sleep lines and wrinkles over time, thanks to the reduced friction of skin against silk. While I find this claim dubious, silk is hypoallergenic, cool to the touch, and more resistant to dust mites than the average cotton pillowcase. I was excited to put these claims to the test when MYK Silk sent me their Beauty Eye Mask and queen-sized Pillowcase to review:

MYK Silk Beauty Eye Mask and Pillowcase

Beauty Eye Mask

They gifted me their Beauty Eye Mask in the color French Grey. The padding is smooth and soft, and the mask has an adjustable velvet headband so that you can customize the fit. I enjoyed sleeping with this to block out morning sunlight and was impressed that none of my nighttime moisturizers or sleeping packs rubbed off on the mask.


The pillowcase in Ivory is silk on one side, and what appears to be cotton on the other. This is fine, since who ever needs to sleep on both sides of the pillow at once? While I didn’t notice any difference in fine lines, sleeping on silk was a comfortable and cooling experience.


The Beauty Eye Mask retails on their website for $20, while the queen-sized pillowcase is $21. These prices sound about right for the quality. You can also use my code TIF15 for 15% off your purchase (I do not receive a commission).


Before splurging on a silk set, I would recommend MYK Silk as a starter kit first. It’s an affordable way to add some luxury to your evening and test-drive whether or not you’ll enjoy the feeling.

I received this product free to test.

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