Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner Review

Originally founded by dermatologist Dr.ย Lee Ji Ham, Korean skincare brand Leegeeham collaborated with kbeauty curation site Glow Recipe to develop their first BHA product: The Grow Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner. I had been a big fan of their Matcha Clay Mask, so when they reached out to me to review this toner, I had high expectations.

Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner Review

What does it claim to do?

Clarify, soothe breakout prone skin, and unclog congested pores through gentle BHA exfoliation.

What are the ingredients?

70% tea tree, willow bark extract, niacinamide, betain salicylate, witch hazel extract, aloe. As you can tell from the name, tea tree is the star ingredient. It is a well-studied topical antimicrobial that also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, most notably in the treatment and prevention of mild to moderate acne (PubMed ID: 22998411). An alternative to salicylic acid derived from beets, betain salicylate is the BHA part of the toner.


The ingredients above are really targeting acne-prone skin, yet the toner feels really gentle. It is almost indistinguishable from water in terms of consistency. I dislike herbal scents, and this smells like cucumber water ๐Ÿ’ฏ While the instructions say to swipe it on the face using a cotton pad, I like to squirt a few drops into my clean palms and pat it into my skin. It sinks in quickly and is easy to layer as part of a routine.

I really like the bright green plastic packaging, which stands out on my shelf. The pump mechanism dispenses a generous amount of liquid without being wasteful. And when I accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor, it bounced and did not break. Bulletproof!


Thanks to my robust skincare routine (understatement?), I havenโ€™t had breakouts in months, so I canโ€™t evaluate whether this will calm existing acne. However, unlike the other BHA products on my shelf (Stridex, Paulaโ€™s Choice Benzoyl Peroxide), this feels gentle enough for consistent use. My skin feels fresher, and yes - clarified - without stinging, tautness, or irritation.


This is one of the most gentle BHA products that I have tried, and I will continue to use it to prevent future breakouts.

I received this product free to test.

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