FRÉ Skincare Review

Founded in 2014, FRÉ Skincare targets women with active lifestyles. Formulated specifically for post-workout, sweaty skin, their products are popularly featured by many Instagram workout gurus clad in athleisure on the beach. When the brand sent me their products to review, I put on my only pair of Lululemon leggings and headed to my cycling class with their 123FRÉ set in tow.

FRÉ Skincare Set Review

What’s in the 123FRÉ set?

Who is it for?

Based on how hydrating each product is, I think that these would work best for people with dry to normal skin. The ingredients look like they’re targeting bacterial acne, dehydration, and irritation - problems that I assume they’re tackling by way of sweat”.

PROTECT ME Moisturizer

SPF 30, argan oil, squalene, vitamins A, B5, & E, chamomile. This is a creamy moisturizer that takes 5-10 minutes to absorb. It does feel like a sunscreen. The cream’s richness make this a good pick for dry, irritated skin. It does leave a sheen that you need to mattify with powder - fine if you’re working out (especially in a dark cycling stadium), but something to note if you’re planning to use this under makeup.

PURIFY ME Cleanser

I asked the FRÉ rep about the pH, and it is formulated to be between 4.9 and 6 to protect the acid mantle in the skin barrier. This has a milky consistency with little blue jojoba beads for exfoliating sweaty skin. This is a really hydrating cleanser thanks to the Shea butter content. My favorite item in the set!


Argan oil, fatty acids, squalene. This has a similar ingredient list (minus the SPF) to the moisturizer and is really similar. However, it feels silkier and has a thinner texture for faster absorption. This leaves a smooth finish.


This is available in the USA and Canada on their website, The set retails for $115. That feels on the high side to me, but the package sizes are generous, and I could see these lasting for a while.


I was surprised by how hydrating each product was. They all share a slightly floral fragrance and use argan oil as a foundational ingredient. (FRÉ plants an argan tree for every set sold.) I don’t know if it made a difference for sweaty skin in particular, but it’s a solid set for those who lead an active life.

I received these products free to test.

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