Bliss Cleansing Sticks Review

Bliss sent me their line of cleansing sticks to review. I, for one, am ready for sticks to become a thing.” They are portable, spill-proof, and deliver balmy, glidey goodness. What’s not to love?

Bliss Cleansing Sticks Review

Oh My Gommage

Soft plant cellulose, Babassu palm oil. This one has the milkiest texture. It acts like a roller balm that melts on the skin, crumbling into soft pills that roll away the gunk. I feel totally baby faced after using this and have been using it daily. It has a captivating scent - a cross between fresh laundry and a spring garden. Can you tell this one is my favorite?

Cold Pressed

40% olive oil, vitamin E. This one is firmer than the OMG and foams up on contact with water, so it works best when you lather it into wet skin. Because of the higher oil content, this one removes heavy makeup like foundation faster than the OMG stick. It acts more like a traditional cleanser, so if you’re a foundation wearer and need a travel cleanser, this one will work best for you.

No Dull Days

Charcoal, shea butter, vitamin E. This one has the gummiest” texture; It does not pill or lather, so you need to do a more thorough job of rinsing the stick off. I found that this does not remove makeup well at all. However, where this shines is for workouts: Charcoal is supposed to attach to dirt in the skin and draw it out, and I don’t wear makeup to workout anyway. If you are looking for a detoxifying cleanser and don’t need to dissolve oil-based makeup, try this one.


This is available at Target, Ulta Beauty, and Bliss World online for $12.99 - $15.00.


I’m sold on Cold Pressed for the first step of a double cleanse and Oh My Gommage for a second step. No Dull Days was meh” for my expectations, or just didn’t fit into my lifestyle.

I received these products free to test.

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